Muscle Roller Stick – Massage Stick – Premium Quality Reinforced Steel Core – Treat Muscle Soreness, Stiffness, and Increase Blood Flow – 17.5″
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  • MUSCLE ROLLER STICK With HOW-TO VIDEO; forget cheap foam rollers that aren’t portable, and flatten after little use, our Muscle Roller Stick is a professional quality muscle roller, providing deep, targeted massage to help reduce muscle tightness, soreness and recovery time!
  • DUAL HIGH GRIP HANDLES; extra wide 17.5 inch design and dual high grip handles, perfect for deep, professional sports massage all over the body, ideal for after CrossFit, P90X, Insanity, T25, weight and strength training for faster recovery!
  • NOTCHED WHEELS; designed with solid, easy grip, notched wheels that won’t slip and slide, to provide the most precise, targeted, deep muscle massage on the market, perfect for therapeutic use and myofascial release!
  • PROFESSIONAL QUALITY; manufactured with a super strong, reinforced steel core that won’t easily bend under tough pressure as with cheaper muscle rollers, for a great, super strong alternative to cheap foam rollers!
  • ULTRA PORTABLE; compact, lightweight and easily carried without weight or bulk, perfect for adding to a gym bag for a full body, professional deep tissue massage after workouts! Perfect for Professional Massage Therapists
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